Almost Half century of history and achievements, Maruyu creates a brand new fashion in the accessory business.

We are exporting to countries all over the world:
The United Kingdom, The United State of America, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Japan, Russia, South Africa

Sophisticated Designing and Sampling Capabilities

  • Fashion trends and inspirations come from all over the world. Our designers create innovative and outstanding designs exclusively for you.

  • With the wide range and variety of flower moulds and colour variations, our designer’s imagination is the limit.

  • We maximise the advantages of our location. As a cosmopolitan city, Bangkok offers unique material, components, and fabric, that can be found here in the local markets.

  • Our well experienced and skillful atelier staff will be able to prepare and put together your ideas for commercialising.

Comprehensive Quality Control and Punctual Delivery

  • All products are made in our own production units or headquarters where we can closely monitor and control the products and the leadtime.

  • An international testing laboratory certifies the materials and component parts meet the necessary international standard and customer’s requirements.

  • Our founder strongly believed in ensuring the products and services to obtain the “Japanese Quality”. Now our successor has continued to commit strongly in producing first-class quality, and in spreading the motto of “the best made in Thailand”. By combining both aims, Maruyu’s products and services are impeccable.

  • Passes the most difficult market in Japan (100% products inspection, guarantee sale)

Flexible Production Capacity

  • With 3 exclusive production units and registered home workers, more than 200,000pcs by products per month are available.

  • No matter whether you require volume, middle or high end products line, our production units will be able to meet your needs.

Reasonably Priced

  • Thailand is the favorite country of "China plus one" as it is considered safe with its infrastructure is established satisfactory and its wages and commodity prices are lower than those of China. 

  • Our labour are reasonably skilled. 

Charms of Thailand

  • Thailand is a wonderful venue for business and splendid destination for leisure.

  • The honest, diligent, and agreeable Thai people truly expresses and represents the Land of Smiles.

  • By setting our headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, we are able to offer our customers an authentically unique business experience.

Shop Design and Constructions

  • Our specialist Japanese architectural and interior designer is rich in overseas experiences,and will make the store / boutique / shop / restaurant in your dreams come to life.



Since 1972

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